[3P]PSP kernel access on Vita

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[3P]PSP kernel access on Vita

Post  Aluminum on Thu Mar 22, 2012 7:00 pm

From psvitascene

Davee posted a video where he shows us that he has kernal access on the PSP envirioment inside the PS Vita. This means the PSP emulator on the PS Vita has been entirely hacked. While the VHBL allowed us to play a small amount of PHP homebrew, this might actually allow us to play all the available PSP homebrew, inclusing (PSP) ISO loaders, on the PS Vita.


Famous PSP dev Davee just posted a youtube video showing him running PSP homebrews on a Vita. I initially thought “well, not a big surprise, he’s running his own port of VHBL to some random exploited game”, but it turns out this is much more interesting than that, as he managed to get a PSP Kernel exploit running on the PSP Emulator. Davee had hinted a few days ago on twitter that he had PSP User mode access, but it’s a surprise to see Kernel mode today. What this means to the end user is full homebrew compatibility (unlike VHBL which is hit and miss), and potentially down the road, PSP iso loaders (the video actually shows a psp iso running). Check his video below:


The video shows a minimalist interface called “PRX Loader” which seems to be used to run the homebrews. No word from Davee yet on a release date.

[Update] The end of the video also shows some gameplay of Ratchet and Clank, which indicates Davee already has PSP isos working to some extent on this exploit.

I don’t know what impact this will have on wth’s release for VHBL. We had actually started the process, but Davee’s work might make VHBL fairly irrelevant. I’ll try to contact the involved people to know what to do next about that.

Congrats Davee, exciting times ahead!

Thanks to Yoti for the tip!

Source: wololo.net

I want to play some old PSP games in the Vita soon. I just hope this doesn't affect the game development for the PSV.


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