[3P] PSN Infinity v2 Public Beta Version

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[3P] PSN Infinity v2 Public Beta Version

Post  Aluminum on Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:57 am

From psvitascene

As said by SKFU, he decided to start the public beta of his new application “PSN Infinity v2″. This application will let you browse the PS Store from your own computer by emulating a PlayStation 3, Vita or PSP. You are able to login with your credentials or use a guest session.

Remember that this is a beta release, so some people might expierence problems running this. Also, an OSX and Linux version is planned for a later release.

Good evening, everyone!

Proudly I present you my newest application “PSN Infinity v2“.

Since in most news posts my genius co-coder iQD is forgotten, I have to mention him for his great help on this application here once again.

This version is released as public beta. Completing the app and including all functions I want it to have will take several weeks but the main function aka browsing the PSN stores is already working.

Download PSN INFINITY v2 (beta): CLICK

Dependencies are OpenSSL + VC Redists: DOWNLOAD

This is the first time I force a donation alert in an app, but necessary as this program is a very huge and time consuming project.

So if you like this beta, please donate a small amount to give me some more time to work on this nice project

I will give you a sneak preview about the functions I focus to add soon:
100% PSN PC client
linux and MAC version
finish the search function
download PKG for guest account
add comic & video stores support
activate/deactivate your consoles remotly
complete account management on PC (like on PS3)
change your PSN Online ID (like in japanese region accounts)
bring back PC to PS3 messaging (if we’ll ever get xi-passphrase back)
etc etc etc…
If you reach error 99, please install the VC redistributables.
If you find any bugs or have suggestions don’t hesitate to e-mail me: (skfuinfo@gmail.com).

This application is made for research and investigation.
There is no intention to use it for piracy!

Kind regards,

Downloads: PSN Infinity v2 / OpenSSL & VC Redistributions
Credits goes to SKFU

PSN Infinity v2 1.01

I just tried this program, its awesome that you can check between different PSN Stores using a guest account. There are still some bugs and crashes but I'm sure it is being fixed. Some minor tweaks and improvements and this program should help us visit psn stores via computer.

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Re: [3P] PSN Infinity v2 Public Beta Version

Post  Aluminum on Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:02 am

A new version has been added by SKFU. refer to the first post to see the download link.


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